This 17-Year-Old’s Insanely Viral TikTok Of Her Cat Is Taking Over The Internet

Animals | 1:32 pm, 2019-08-18 509

Jade Taylor-Ryan is a 17-year-old high school student in Ontario, Canada, with a passion for soccer, her cat Ed (named for Ed Sheeran as they share a similar hair color, she said), and TikTok.

She’s only been using the video app since last month, but on Friday she uploaded a video starring 4-year-old Ed that’s become one of TikTok’s most insanely viral creations.

Set to the 1954 song “Mr. Sandman” by the barbershop group the Chordettes, the 12-second video shows Ed clapping his paws, peering into the camera, and twirling as Jade swings him in and out of frame in time with the music.

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